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Class Descriptions

(Must be at least 18 years old to participate.)


__Pole Technique Level 1 - 7

Intro to Pole / Level 1 (White garter)

This is considered our Basic or Foundation Level. The essentials of pole dancing begin here. Our Welcome to Pole Dancing Workshop covers all the major points: walking, proper body mechanics, The Bow & Arrow Technique. In our classes, you learn grounded spins (front hook, back hook, Girl on Top Spin) and transitions as indispensable moves—not as a means to go from trick to trick.


Pole Technique Level 2 (Yellow garter)

This level is the “meat & potatoes” of pole dancing. Here you start to bear your own weight with your upper body strength. You develop the latissimus dorsii, biceps, triceps and as always, continue working on the core muscles. Spins are now aerial, meaning that both feet come off the ground. Some examples of the spins learned at the beginning of this crucial level, are: basic Fireman (3 variations), front hook (3 variations), back hook (3 variations). As you get stronger, you will learn spins where there is less leg contact on the pole, such as ankle spins. Learning to climb the pole is also a large component of this level. Climbing is very invigorating to the whole system, plus it conditions the body for aerial tricks that you will encounter in more advanced levels.


Pole Technique Level 3 (Pink garter)

The moves and holds learned at this level are highly dependent upon the strength gained from the previous levels. There is a strong expectation that you are using proper technique to further your abilities. You employ the use of full split grip holds in spins such as Chair, Carousel, and straddle spins. Inner leg muscles are strongly emphasized as you work on sitting on the pole for longer periods of time, as well as moves such as the plank pose. Cradle spins; body spirals and modified reverse grabs round out your single spin repertoire, while headstands and handstands train the body for balances. Be ready as your teacher calls out combination spins (2 or more spins with either a grounded transition or aerial transition) or asks you to climb to the top of our 14-foot poles. Level 3 culminates in learning inversions such as the Crossed Knee Release and Crossed Ankle Release.


Pole Technique Level 4 (Blue garter)

Full inversions (basic inversion, tuck inversion, Chopper) are taught step by step. Proper technique is carefully observed—jumping into any inversion is NOT ALLOWED. Once inversions are solid, you learn tricks such as the inverted crucifix, leg hangs (inside, outside), inverted thigh holds and basic Butterfly. Other moves included in the Level 4 curriculum include Pole Cat, Apprentice, Jasmine, knee hold, Genie, and aerial Flag.


Pole Technique Level 5 (Red garter)

Now you’re ready to fly! Hanging upside down in all manors are taught at this level. Caterpillar climb (forearm grip), Butterfly, Iguana mount, hip hold, and Flat Line Scorpio are just some of the tricks learned. And lets not forget our all –time favorites like Superman and Ayesha (forearm grip)!


Pole Technique Level 6 (Purple garter)

Some tricks are performed close to the pole (Jade split/Jamilla split, V-hip hold), but others are performed with the body away from the pole (Ayesha using elbow grip, aerial body wave, extended Butterfly). Refine your technique in this highly-challenging level. You are expected to create choreography for personal routines, drawing on the knowledge gained from previous levels.


Pole Technique Level 7 (Black garter)

The final level of the Boulder Spirals curriculum helps you put together routines for competitions or performances. Finishing touches include spinning drops and split grip Ayesha.


__Mixed Levels Pole

Mixed Levels Pole

This class focuses on pole technique for Levels 2 and higher. This class format is slightly different than level-specific classes in that we will open it up to what YOU want to learn. To best facilitate this, we ask that you do some research. For level 3 and above please look on YouTube, etc. for spins, tricks, combos and/or transitions that you love and would like to learn. Then send us the link before class and we’ll break it down and work on it, or the specific tricks you need to learn to get there. Please make sure that the skills you propose to learn are appropriate for your level. For level 2 ladies please know what you would like to work on from our class curriculum (see class descriptions for levels 1 & 2 if you aren’t sure).

NOTE: Monday 8:15 p.m. class is CO-ED.

__Happy Hour Open Pole

Happy Hour Open Pole

One hour of pole time to practice, choreograph, rehearse, or just freestyle. This is not a class; an instructor will be onsite for safety reasons but will not be teaching new moves or tricks. Prereq: Level 2 and higher. Included in monthly unlimited packages and free for performers. $10 for all others.

__Slow & Sexy Stilettos

Slow and Sexy Stiletto
Slow & Sexy Stiletto brings the dance back into Pole Dance as you wear your stilettos for some extra oomph. Here the emphasis is on the movement and bringing the music into your body and heart. We work on floor moves, spins, and climbs. Welcome back your sensual self. Choreography begins during the first week of the month and continues through to the end of the month, but class is on-going–you may drop in at any time.

__Spin Pole

Spin Pole

Spin Pole with Sarcee will Spin Your Head ”Right Round!” If you want to add something new to your pole dance toolbox and get strong, then this class is for you. Level 2+ please.

__Grove Shop

Groove Shop

Sometimes, a girl’s gotta dance and that’s what Groove Shop is all about. We take one song and break it in half, learning the first part one week and the remainder the following week. Take your time and feel the music. Did you ever think to yourself, “I’d never remember all of that choreography in order to perform”? Well, this is the class to rid yourself of those thoughts! Get comfy with your memory and learn to hear the music and move to the beat. We’ll take a routine and tailor it up or down to meet your skill level. What are you waiting for? Let’s Groooooooove!



The exclamation point says it all! You’ve seen GoGo dancers on stages all over the country exuding confidence and sensuality, now it’s your turn to make the world your stage. This class will cover all levels of experience and help fine-tune your body mechanics, arm work, coordination, footwork, and confidence. In addition to a great cardio workout, you’ll gain the confidence and skill to dance wherever and whenever you hear a bumping beat.

__The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) program designed to achieve Optimal Fitness.

Optimal Fitness consists of cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength and flexibility.

The Gauntlet focuses on improving all 3 of these areas by emphasizing constant activity, powerful motions, sudden movements and stretching.

By exercising for extended periods of time separated by very short rest periods, the heart rate stays high and the muscles stay active for the full hour of class.  By putting our bodies through this type of intensive training, we are forcing an adaptation which will yield faster results than a typical workout plan.

The Gauntlet targets the upper body, lower body, abs and core, with a strong emphasis on cardiovascular training.  This program is designed to shred muscle, not bulk.  With hard work and dedication, you will tone your body, become faster and more explosive, and most importantly, feel great about yourself!

Can You Conquer the Gauntlet?

__Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga, a fusion of traditional Yoga poses and low-to-middle height aerial tricks, is practiced in a fabric hammock suspended above ground. This is a 60 minute class intended for those who have a strong physical sense of their bodies. The savasana, or final resting pose, in Aerial Yoga is an experience that cannot be found in any other activity. Emerge feeling the peace and bliss that is your birthright. All jewelry must be removed and t-shirts or long sleeve shirts required.






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